Davison Collaborative

Davison Collaborative is a three townhouse project designed in collaboration with Archier in Brunswick.

The project will be delivered in accordance with the principles of the deliberative development model known as Collaborative Development by HIP V. HYPE. The model allows for collaborators to come together and utilise the multi-disciplinary expertise of HIP V. HYPE and our close friends to create better quality, more sustainable and more financially accessible townhouse style homes in inner urban locations where property prices are increasingly forcing people out of the market.

Each townhouse will contain three bedrooms, one car and considered circulation to ensure separation between public and private spaces - a key in maximising liveability in higher density living.

We are targeting a minimum environmental rating of 8 stars and fossil fuel free 100% electric green power.

One family home becomes three. Visualisation by Archier

Photograph by Sunlyt Studios

Photograph by Sunlyt Studios

Photograph by Sunlyt Studios


The design of Davison Collaborative incorporates HIP V. HYPE’s low impact living approach to building design, construction and use, which creates buildings that are more comfortable, have cleaner and fresher air, cost less to operate and are easy to use. Each townhouse will be fossil fuel free 100% electric green power building.

Low Impact Living Illustration by Jay Cover

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Hype – Don't believe it