Nightingale 2.0

The Nightingale Model is a triple bottom line apartment development model. It aims to deliver apartments that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide quality urban housing at an affordable price by simplifying both the development process and the building itself.

72a Station Street is the second Nightingale Model project and consists of 20 apartments and 3 ground floor retail tenancies designed to help with street activation and improve the amenity of the station precinct. HIP V. HYPE have worked in collaboration with Six Degrees Architects to acquire the site, raise equity and manage the project through to completion.

HIP V. HYPE Founder Liam Wallis is a project Director alongside James Legge of Six Degrees and Jeremy McLeod of Breathe Architecture.

We are also proud to have invested in this second Nightingale Model Project.

Sketch by Simon O'Brien, Six Degrees Architects

Sketch by Simon O'Brien, Six Degrees Architects


The project has been designed with rigorous priorities toward sustainability. It will be fossil free with all new renewable energy sources, and with an exceptional average energy rating of 8.7 stars the apartments will be thermally, water and energy efficient.

Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it