Ilhan Lane Studios

Designed by HIP V. HYPE Design, Ilhan Lane Studios will be built around the philosophy of an emerging urbanism in Australia which encourages walking and cycling to the studio, with ease of public transport to the city, a tactile and visually evolving space, as well as being part of a hub, whilst having the freedom to shut off and work undisturbed.

A core motivation for designing and building Ilhan Lane Studios is to bring highly flexible, sustainable and urban workspaces to a suburb that is rapidly losing its stock of old warehouses and affordable spaces.

We want the spaces that people spend most of their days in to be generous, healthy and enjoyable. Central to that is ensuring they are sustainable, well-appointed and focused on harnessing a synergistic community.


The design of Ilhan Lane Studios incorporates HIP V. HYPE’s Low Impact Living approach to building design, construction and use, which creates buildings that are more comfortable, have cleaner, fresher air, cost less to operate and are easy to use. Ilhan Lane will be a fossil fuel free green powered building with the aim to be net energy positive in operation.

Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it