Park + Rapahel

In his capacity as development director for Kalex Projects, Liam Wallis worked with Kyp Bosci and the project team to create 19 townhouses.

The project produced a benchmark display space and marketing campaign culminating in the display receiving a nomination for an Australian Interior Design Award has been widely referenced by a new breed of inner northern developer focussed on design and the end user.


The collaboration resulted in the development of a bespoke Cantilever kitchen and a BBQ unit developed with Urban Commons and Tait outdoor furniture called Tilt. Tilt is now a product in the Tait outdoor furniture range and is testament to HIP V. HYPE's practice of deep collaboration.

_Jackson Clements Burrows
_Design Office
_Great Dane
_Urban Commons
_Roger Seller
_Studio Hi Ho
_Melbourne Real Estate

Photograph by Tess Kelly

Photograph by Tess Kelly

Photograph by Tess Kelly

TILT by Urban Commons + TAIT Photography by Haydn Cattach

Kitchen by Cantilever + Design Office Photograph by Tess Kelly

Park + Raphael Display Photography by Scottie Cameron

Park + Raphael Display Photography by Scottie Cameron


The project was designed to achieve a benchmark energy efficiency performance of 10% above building code requirements. Robust, locally sourced materials will ensure this project has enduring qualities that will develop character overtime and contribute to an enriched streetscape for Abbotsford.

Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it