HIP V. HYPE works with partners who are seeking to create projects defined by substance, genuine interaction & meaning. We believe in the value of great design and utilise design thinking as a tool to create better, more beautiful spaces, systems, services and experiences for people.

Collaborative Housing is a deliberative housing model envisioned by HIP V. HYPE. It has been designed to allow Collaborators to come together and utilise the multi-disciplinary expertise of our Four Pillars & our close friends, to create better quality, more sustainable and more financially accessible townhouse style homes.

Nightingale Housing is a triple bottom line apartment housing model. It aims to deliver apartments that are environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. HIP V. HYPE assisted Breathe Architecture to create the legal, accounting and financial framework that enabled the creation of the first two Nightingale Housing projects. Given our aligned aims of innovating within the property sector to improve our cities, we continue to provide Development Management assistance to Nightingale Housing projects.


Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it