Nightingale 2.0

Photograph by Tess Kelly

Nightingale 2.0 is a leading example of high-quality, environmentally, socially and financially sustainable housing.

Led by Six Degrees Architects and supported by HIP V. HYPE Development, HIP V. HYPE Sustainability has been involved from inception. HIP V. HYPE Sustainability brings experience from Nightingale 1.0 and its predecessor project The Commons. Our early input meant that sustainability considerations were integrated into the design process from day one.


HIP V. HYPE Sustainability has been closely involved in the establishment of the Nightingale Model. The Model aims to provide quality urban housing by simplifying and humanising both the development process and the building itself.

The design team adopted a set of ambitious sustainability principles that have driven the process:

_Maintaining comfortable temperatures passively
_Low running costs for life
_Minimal consumption of natural resources
_Minimal environmental impacts through construction and operation
_Sustainable, integrated, convenient travel
_A community that makes sustainable living easy

Photograph by Tess Kelly


_Workshops and advice to deliver an integrated sustainability strategy
_Thermal performance assessment to drive design decisions and optimise occupant comfort
_Sustainability Management and Green Travel Plan
_Sustainable servicing strategy to describe the most efficient heating technology
_Renewable energy assessment and concept design to optimise the solar system

RMIT’s Sustainable Building Innovation Laboratory is delivering a post-occupancy performance assessment to ensure the building is performing well in operation and capture lessons and insights for future projects.

Photograph by Tess Kelly


The design realises market-leading sustainability outcomes with a certified average 8.6 star NatHERS rating with 50% of homes 8.9 stars or higher. Importantly, this is achieved with a design that puts people first. The apartments will be comfortable all year round with no active cooling and minimal heating. Combined with intelligent shared servicing strategies will enable residents to enjoy low operating costs. The building will deliver an estimated 50% reduction in energy use compared to a typical building.

Key features:

_High performance glazing
_Fossil-fuel free all electric servicing strategy
_15kW rooftop solar system
_Communal rooftop with composter, veggie planters, BBQ, laundry, and multipurpose room
_100% green power via an embedded network
_Zero private cars
_Low impact materials

Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it