Sustainability Policy & Action Plan - Ben Russell Electrical Co

Lune. Image: Tom Blachford

Ben Russell Electrical Co. (BREC) is an award-winning electrical contracting company committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of its services and business operations.

BREC contracted HIP V. HYPE Sustainability to develop a comprehensive Sustainability Policy to define what sustainability means for the business and how it can be integrated into its operations.


To guide the development and implementation of the policy, we worked with BREC to develop four key sustainability principles:

1. Sustainability is a fundamental part of our business operations and our services.
2. We minimise negative impacts wherever possible, and always look for a more sustainable alternative.
3. We contribute to our local community.
4. Transparency, authenticity and learning from experience are essential.

Lighting control system in Spring Street Penthouse. Image: Tom Blachford

Lune. Image: Tom Blachford


To ensure sustainability is more than just an aspiration, the Policy included a set of indicators and specific actions that can be measured against the baseline to track progress over time.

The Policy and Action Plan includes:

_Objectives and associated indicators
_A baseline to measure their current sustainability performance
_A set of actions that guide their own practices and the types of products they recommend to their clients
_Directions for implementation and review

Higher Ground. Image: Sean Fenessy

Nightingale. Image: Kristoffer Paulsen


For BREC Sustainability means delivering better services with a smaller footprint. BREC is committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of the services it offers and its internal business operations.

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