Act and Adapt: Sustainable Environment Strategy 2018-28 – City of Port Phillip

Photograph via City of Port Phillip

Act and Adapt provides a pathway for greening, emissions reductions, adaptation, water efficiency and reuse, and waste solutions for both Council and the community.

The City of Port Phillip engaged HIP V. HYPE Sustainability in partnership with Point Advisory and The University of Melbourne’s Thrive Research Hub to develop the Strategy.


Act and Adapt sets a clear 10-year direction for action in the face of rapid population growth, pressure on transport networks and the increasing demand to deliver more with less. Council will use this Strategy as a high-level guide to achieve its ambitious sustainability targets, tackle climate change and encourage local communities to get involved.

Photograph via City of Port Phillip


The Plan was developed through 4 phases:

1. Review: Describe the current state by auditing existing strategies and plans, carbon, water and waste data and existing community engagement research.
2. Analysis: Gain a deep understanding of projected impact of Council’s current commitments and where additional activity is required in order to meet objectives set out in the Council Plan.
3. Strategy Development: Bring together subject matter experts to develop high impact, appropriate actions to populate the strategy.
4. Strategy Finalisation: Community consultation provided input for the final Strategy and a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.


This project delivered more than just an endorsed Council strategy, it also delivered:

_A centralised repository of background material to support decision-making and provide a rationale for the Strategy.
_A new format for the City of Port Phillip to analyse and compare different actions.
_Significant engagement with and input from councillors and officers to drive shared ownership and leverage expertise.

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Hype – Don't believe it