Community Zero Carbon Action Plan - City of Greater Geelong

Corio Bay, Geelong Photograph by John Pearce

The community and Council in Greater Geelong have shown a strong commitment to sustainability and carbon emission reductions. To extend this commitment, they sought a process to support effective collaboration and investment for impact.

Council and key community groups committed to co-developing a Community Zero Carbon Action Plan and engaged HIP V. HYPE Sustainability to facilitate the process.


The Action Plan was delivered through a collaborative process with City of Greater Geelong, Geelong Sustainability Group, Barwon Sustainability Group, Transition Streets Geelong and Sustainability Victoria.


The Plan was co-created through 3 phases.

1. Discover: Understand Council’s requirements and review completed projects through stakeholder engagement to ensure community ownership of the Action Plan.
2. Co-create: Explore delivery gaps and generate potential actions in collaboration with community partners. HIP V. HYEP Sustainability delivered research to support the creation of the 5 Flagship Actions.
3.Report: Develop a Community Zero Carbon Action Plan to be used as an engagement tool for internal and external audiences. The Plan was endorsed by Council in September 2018.


The key project output was the Community Zero Carbon Action Plan. However, a number of additional benefits were enjoyed as a result of the process, including:

_A rare opportunity for Council officers and community leaders to discuss project implementation collaboratively
_A collective, local approach to sustainability

Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it