ESD Opportunities Assessment - City of Greater Geelong

Photograph via City of Greater Geelong

The Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas (NWGGA) present a unique set of opportunities and challenges for sustainable urban development. The scale and long-term nature of development means a strong plan for sustainability integration, within planning, infrastructure and development, is required.

HIP V. HYPE Sustainability has worked closely with City of Greater Geelong over the past 12 months to deliver a program of research, analysis and significant stakeholder engagement exploring best practice sustainability opportunities for these future Growth Areas.


Our work, exploring sustainability outcomes over a 40 year time frame, has involved the consideration of the evolution of how various delivery mechanisms, including financial, governance and operational models, can be used to achieve the outcomes targeted.

Graphic by HV.H Sustainability


Five headline opportunities for the region were identified based on the One Planet Living Principles:

1. Local living
2. Zero carbon and zero net energy
3. 'Day one' public and active transport, supported by a long term integrated plan
4. Blue and green infrastructure
5. Governance and leadership

Local living

Zero carbon and zero net energy

'Day one' public and active transport, supported by a long term integrated plan

Blue and green infrastructure

Governance and leadership


The long-term nature of NWGGA provides a unique opportunity to future-proof communities and work consistently towards the creation of genuinely sustainable, healthy and liveable environments.

Our ongoing work in the NWGGA region aims to support and catalyse the consideration of sustainability at the core and forefront of the planning process for the two growth areas.

Next steps will require action by the City, key stakeholders, landowners/developers and the community to truly embed the vision of sustainable living.

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