Lismore CBD Study

Lismore City Council is looking for innovative, commercially grounded sustainable solutions that can unlock investment in the Lismore CBD.


HIP V. HYPE Sustainability has partnered with Tract Consultants, SC Lennon and Astrolabe to deliver a CBD revitalisation study. Through technical analysis and the facilitation of an Enquiry By Design process with local stakeholders, we have designed a suite of solutions built around catalysing investment in projects and programs that aim to reinvigorate the CBD.

Photograph by Elli Fisher


The project included a detailed analysis of the spatial and economic conditions in the CBD and a thorough review of significant strategic work already undertaken.

Preliminary engagement was undertaken to ground truth and support the analysis. Opportunities for CBD enhancement were developed, built on previously identified work, local knowledge and leveraging the experience of the project team in other regional and city contexts.

An Enquiry by Design process was held with 20 local stakeholders and Council representatives to road test and refine these solutions together, to build shared ownership of the outcomes.

The team is now in the final stages of the project, building the evidence for and documenting a suite of prioritised solutions capable of unlocking investment.

Photograph by Katie Holmes


The final Shaping the Lismore CBD report will define a set of implementable, priority initiatives for the Lismore CBD. The report will guide the City of Lismore’s future investments in the CBD and provide the basis for State and Federal investment in the region.

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