Marrick & Co One Planet Community

Visualisation provided by Mirvac

Mirvac’s sustainability plan ‘This Changes Everything’ recognises its role as an industry leader and sets in place a number of strategies aimed to deliver an ambitious series of goals, including the creation of its first One Planet Living Community by 2018.

Mirvac engaged HIP V. HYPE Sustainability as its Sustainability Integrator to drive the implementation of the One Planet Living framework for this significant brownfield site in Marrickville, inner-west Sydney. The project will deliver a new library and community hub, along with 223 apartments.


One Planet Living provides a vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can live happy, healthy lives within the limits of our planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

As an accredited One Planet Living Sustainability Integrator, HIP V. HYPE Sustainability used the One Planet Living framework to systematically consider and improve social, environmental and economic sustainability outcomes, and create a plan for implementation across all project stages.

Visualisation provided by Mirvac


We collaborated with the Mirvac project team and Inner West Council to build on the design and identify and evaluate site-specific opportunities across the 10 One Planet Principles. This culminated in the development of a One Planet Action Plan to guide implementation.

Visualisation provided by Mirvac


The project received national endorsement as a One Planet Community, making it the first project in NSW and the largest in Australia to do so.


Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it