The built environment is responsible for 37 per cent of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. As we look to the future of our buildings, cities and regions, innovative, high-performance, low carbon design becomes crucial to achieving a better tomorrow.

The Better Building Exchange enabled by HIP V. HYPE is a space dedicated to cross disciplinary exchange aimed at amplifying ideas, skills, technologies and relationships to more rapidly decarbonise our built environment at scale.

Rapid deployment of low carbon strategies at scale to reduce the climate impact of our built environment is one of the great challenges of our time. We believe that many of the skills and technologies to achieve meaningful outcomes immediately already exist. 

Our collective challenge is to create connections to amplify meaningful action.

Launching 30 May 2024 as part of Melbourne Design Week. 


427 Albert Street, Brunswick VIC 3056


Austin Maynard Architects
Sustainable Builders Alliance