Welcome to HV.Hotel by HIP V. HYPE. 

Located atop HIP V. HYPE’s award-winning Ferrars & York building, HV.Hotel is an opportunity to experience sustainable apartment living firsthand. It is a place for the sustainably minded, design-conscious traveller; an ever evolving, living laboratory of ideas and collaborators that sit at the intersection of design and sustainability.

Just 100m from the South Melbourne Market, HV.Hotel enables locals and travellers alike to experience the benefits of a sustainable apartment: more consistent internal temperatures, enhanced acoustic performance, fresher air and a lower carbon footprint.

100% electric with an exceptional 8.1 star NatHERS energy rating (out of 10), every element of the HV.Hotel experience exemplifies our framework for Better Apartment Living.


Ferrars & York, 201 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205


Penthouse-level 2 bedroom apartment
City and South Melbourne Market views
2 bedrooms with queen beds (sleeps 4)
Designated work area with high speed internet
Living space with smart TV & Sonos speaker
Fully appointed kitchen
Curated selection of books & reading material
Complimentary Padre coffee & Teadrop tea
Euro laundry with V-ZUG washing machine
Access to shared roof yard with BBQ and open fireplace


Great Dane
Robert Gordon
Vivien Anderson Gallery
Make Design Objects
Nordic Blinds
Urban Commons
Zero Co


HV.Hotel photography by Kate Shanasy 
Photography styling by Jessica Lillico
Location photography by Samee Lapham

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Finding balance between value, quality and environmental impact is integral to our curation process. Collaborations with designers and manufacturers that share these values enable us to create a space of genuine interaction and meaning. Importantly, we look for pieces that are enduring by nature with low embodied energy and carbon, responsibly sourced materials and a lighter ecological footprint.

Established in Melbourne in 2002, Great Dane is Australia's pre-eminent curator of Scandinavian furniture and lighting. With an unbridled passion for timeless design, Great Dane has established an inimitable reputation for their quality, service, craftsmanship and knowledge. 

Guests enjoy Great Dane Scandi furniture. 

BINQ is the Australian market leader in high performance windows and doors. BINQ's advanced systems derive from travels in Europe, where tilt and turn windows are the norm for their superior thermal and aesthetic qualities. All BINQ products are made locally in Melbourne, at their manufacturing facility in Bayside.

Guests enjoy BINQ double glazed, European-style tilt and turn windows.

The Gordon family have been making high fired stoneware in Australia since 1945. 75 years and three generations later, Robert Gordon is one of Australia's last large-scale potteries. Combining traditional techniques with modern tools and recycled clay where possible, Robert Gordon takes enormous pride in their Australian made pieces designed and finished by hand in Pakenham, Melbourne. 

Guests enjoy handcrafted Robert Gordon tableware and clay basins.

V-ZUG is Switzerland’s leading appliance brand. Proudly made in Switzerland for over 100 years, V-ZUG is renowned for design and manufacturing excellence, with all production made carbon neutral since 2020. V-ZUG appliances are designed to be as efficient as possible, with as few emissions as possible. 

Guests enjoy serious low impact V-ZUG cooking.

Vivien Anderson Gallery has represented the many exceptional Indigenous artists and voices across remote, rural and urban environments for over thirty years. The gallery supports the curiosity of visitors, enabling them to gain an insight into the creative inspiration of artists, their culture, and the importance of their professional work in the broader national conversation. 

Guests enjoy the opportunity to engage more deeply with culture.

For over five decades, Brodware has shown a deep commitment to design authenticity and longevity. With a highly durable finish, Brodware tapware is made to stand the test of time, crafted without the use of chemical waste, water pollution or hazardous materials. Based in New South Wales, Brodware is proud to design, engineer and manufacture their products in Australia. 

Guests enjoy sexy Brodware tapware.

Established in 1992, Tait was born out of a need for well-designed, well-made outdoor products – both reflective of Australia’s enviable outdoor lifestyle and built to withstand the harsh Australian elements. Testament to twenty-five years of designing and making, Tait’s products demonstrate resolved sophistication in each facet of their design and manufacture. 

Guests enjoy a life outside.

Established in Carlton in 2003, Make Designed Objects is one of Australia's finest design stores. A Make product must perform well when considered for its design appeal – its form and function, its environmental soundness, its durability, its necessity and in some cases, its humour. Pieces are sourced locally and internationally, with a focus of Scandinavian brands for their strong design culture. 

Guests enjoy thoughtful Make Designed Objects objects. 

Dressing options for European-style tilt and turn windows are few and far between in Australia. Enter Nordic Blinds, the specialist in Nordic-style window treatments designed for the harsh Australian climate. Nordic Blinds provide good thermal benefits and blockout, while retaining a view of trees and the sky. 

Guests enjoy Nordic Blinds privacy.  

SHADES’ 30-year legacy speaks for itself. A family-run business based in Melbourne, SHADES carefully handpick every product, material and finish from the world’s top fabric houses. Their exceptional selection of window furnishings is focussed on a simple yet progressive aesthetic, designed to enhance everyday life. 

Guests enjoy elegant SHADES drapery. 

Urban Commons is a cross-disciplinary Melbourne design studio committed to reviving the spirit of the commons. Their outdoor systems, from parklets and planters to kitchen gardens, are flexible and robust in their design, having spent many years in the wilderness rigorously tested outside cafes, bars, schools and homes. 

Guests enjoy plants that prosper.

IN BED create timeless bedding, sleepwear and homewares. With a strong focus on the impact of their products, IN BED’s design philosophy is centred around products that are long-lasting while exceeding ethical, social and environmental best practice. Established in 2013, IN BED work only with independently certified factories, opting for natural, sustainable and breathable fabrics. 

Guests enjoy a good night’s sleep IN BED.

Armadillo rugs are handmade, helping to preserve the ancient, specialised skills of dying, spinning, weaving and finishing. All rugs come with a Declare label, detailing the ingredients used in their making. Armadillo supports a number of educational facilities across Australia, India and the USA, seeking to make a lasting impact on the next generation of women. 

Guests enjoy cosy Armadillo rugs underfoot. 

Zero Co creates personal care and home cleaning products, minus the single-use plastic. Launching in 2020, their forever bottles are made from ocean, beach and landfill waste, designed to be used alongside their recycled-plastic refill pouches. Once empty, pouches are sent back to Zero Co to be cleaned, refilled and reused again. 

Guests enjoy a consciously clean Zero Co experience. 

Established in 2010, Leif creates skin and hair care products reflective of Australia’s challenging climate and vital native ingredients. Leif formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and made in Australia, free from sulphates, parabens, animal testing and mineral oils. Leif Re:fill pouches are collated via TerraCycle to be recycled and reused, instead of going to landfill. 

Guests enjoy natural beauty. 

Features & Amenities

Our Low Impact Living approach to design, construction and use means regulated temperatures, cleaner and fresher air, and a more comfortable and quiet stay at HV.Hotel. 

  • Setup to be carbon neutral
  • 100% electric (gas free)
  • Powered by 100% renewable electricity
  • 8.1 Star NatHERS rating (out of 10) for energy efficiency
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system 
  • Four-stream waste system
  • Save switch

Located adjacent to the South Melbourne rail line and the Route 96 tram, HV.Hotel is three minutes’ walk to the closest tram stop: #127 South Melbourne Station/Light Rail. The Route 96 travels via Southern Cross Station, connecting travellers to train services, V-Line regional services and Melbourne Airport services. 

HV.Hotel is a 30-minute drive to and from Melbourne Airport. 

South Melbourne is an incredibly walkable neighbourhood. From markets and supermarkets to cafes, restaurants and retail shopping, all of your essential amenity is within an easy stroll of HV.Hotel. We find walking and cycling are our favourite ways to enjoy South Melbourne, often discovering a new destination to come back to, or an interesting new route to take on the way. A mix of free and paid parking is also available on the streets surrounding HV.Hotel.

Updated quarterly, the Seasonal Six is a curated, handwritten list of experiences provided within HV.Hotel to enable guests to experience South Melbourne like a local. Seasonality is closely linked to sustainability, and we carefully select just six things to prevent overwhelm. To make the list, an experience must be aligned with the HIP V. HYPE values: People, Planet & Prosperity.