Located in New South Wales, the Asquith home represents a milestone achievement for sustainable homes in Australia. HIP V. HYPE successfully completed the inaugural assessment to certify the first as built Green Star Homes project in Australia.


Australian Passive House Association


Certification & Compliance


courtesy of the GBCA


In partnership with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the Australian Passive House Association (APHA) and project architects Envirotecture, HIP V. HYPE was engaged to collate and draft the Green Star Homes rating submission for the project, using evidence from the Passive House Certification process. The process was thoroughly documented and insights used to understand discrepancies between the two certification pathways, and how they could be better aligned.

Asquith home demonstrates how homes can achieve both a Green Star Homes and Passive House rating, with this pilot project providing crucial industry feedback for future assessments.

  • Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) Services
  • Assessment of Passivhaus Certification as a Pathway to Achieving Green Star Homes Certification
  • Green Star Workshop Facilitation
  • Building Users Guide
  • Green Star Homes Certification
  • Pilot feedback to improve future assessments
  • All-electric, 100% renewable electricity
  • Green Star Homes and Passive House crosswalk