Our Better Business team works with businesses of all sizes to help establish, deliver, and evaluate their sustainability and climate change strategies.

Better Business

Across our built environment, businesses are grappling with how they can address climate change in a meaningful way. Market drivers, risks and issues are unique to each business. Action has to respond to the economic, social and environmental realities of each and every business. 

HIP V. HYPE has sustainability embedded in our DNA. Our deep technical knowledge combined with direct experience delivering exceptional sustainability outcomes across our projects and advice gives us a unique perspective and understanding of what it takes to run a Better Business. 

Our team's breadth and depth of experience has enabled us to develop effective processes to address climate change in a way that delivers maximum value for our customers. 

We can work with your business to establish a clear Sustainability Framework and Action Plan that reflects and builds on the level of ambition, emphasis, opportunities and constraint specific to your business.

We will facilitate meetings and workshops with key staff to build a concise framework and action plan that highlights sustainability opportunities and action.

No matter where your business is up to in their sustainability journey, working with the HIP V. HYPE Better Business team will help you accelerate, amplify, and align your work.

  • Operations: reducing the environmental impact of running your business
  • Culture: embedding sustainability in the business, through your values, your staff, your communications. Talk to the market about how your business is responding to climate change.
  • Projects, Services or Products: identify how your business can (and is) support clients or customers to reduce their own environmental impact.

Case study:

Climate Change Action in Community Health

There are three critical types of risks posed by climate change that every business is likely to face and increasingly having to actively manage: Physical Risks, Liability Risks and Transition Risks.

We can work with you and your leadership team to help understand the risks to your business and how you can start to manage them – before its too late.

Not every business is big enough to bring a sustainability expert in house. Engaging HIP V. HYPE provides access to a team of experts who can provide a wide range of support to your business to ensure that your Action Plan is specific, relevant and stays on track. 

  • Monitor the market for innovation
  • Upskill your team
  • Set up reporting frameworks
  • Design programs or new services
  • Offer regular, ongoing support over the phone or via email

HIP V. HYPE can support your business to achieve Carbon Neutral Climate Active Certification.

  • Understand the carbon footprint of your business
  • Find ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Purchase high quality, values aligned carbon credits to offset the remainder
  • Attain verification through an independent auditor
  • Submit to Climate Active for certification and licensing

Case study:

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Pathway