Deakin University is committed to embedding Sustainable Built Environment principles and delivering campus level climate change adaptation plans. This project sets out priorities for managing the risks of a changing climate on a campus-by-campus basis. Design and upgrades of assets can often be at the forefront of adaptation planning. However, asset design and operation is only one element of building adaptive capacity in response to climate change.


Deakin University


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Patrick Rodriguez


This project acknowledged that to build adaptive capacity a broader focus is needed to build human, social, natural and financial capital as well as physical capital as part of Deakin’s climate change response.

We adopted the five capitals approach (human, social, natural, physical, financial) to develop the campus and organisational climate change adaptation plans. Our approach included:

  • In-depth review of relevant documents combined with targeted interviews to form the baseline for adaptation planning
  • Deep engagement with key staff including, facilitating a workshop to ensure the key risks for the organisation and the campuses were addressed in the adaptation plans
  • Analysis of the highest priority outcomes to support effective implementation of required actions

Through this process, Deakin have a Climate Adaptation Summary that presents a focused 5 year plan for addressing the high and very high level risk impacts. A Climate Adaptation Action plan, documenting the full range of climate risk impacts and associated actions, monitoring and evaluation has also been developed