A purpose driven organisation, Haven Home Safe (HHS) delivers safe and high-quality affordable housing for vulnerable Victorians.

HIP V. HYPE conducted a sustainability workshop with HHS to understand their sustainability priorities, establish key goals and targets, and identify opportunities and constraints. Following the workshop, Design Guidelines were produced to clearly articulate expectations of partners and consultants who work to deliver building projects for HHS.


Haven Home Safe


Health & Wellbeing




Kim Landy


The Design Guidelines will ensure new residential developments respond to the core drivers of HHS; affordability and living costs, a comfortable and safe home environment, energy efficiency and responsiveness to health and accessibility needs. These guidelines will assist HHS bridge the housing divide whilst improving sustainability outcomes across their developments.

  • Reviewed internal documents, case studies and key industry exemplars to understand the current housing market
  • Conducted a Sustainability workshop to unpack key ideas and themes of importance to HHS
  • Developed a set of key targets and design measures to be implemented across all developments