Located 16km from Melbourne's CBD in Sunshine North, LUMA presented HIP V. HYPE with the unique opportunity to implement sustainability solutions at scale across its 12.49 hectares.

Building on their commitment to healthy and efficient homes, Development Victoria engaged HIP V. HYPE to complete an analysis into the requirements for each LUMA townhouse to achieve a 7 Star NatHERS rating. HIP V. HYPE also completed an operational net-zero energy analysis of the development, building on Development Victoria's commitment to healthy and efficient homes.

HIP V. HYPE analysed insulation, glazing performance, external shading and orientation, providing optimisation recommendations across LUMA's 300 homes. We presented Development Victoria with a clear set of requirements outlining the ways in which LUMA could achieve a 7 Star NatHERS minimum rating.

To complete the net-zero analysis, our Better Buildings team modelled each townhouse's annual consumption, identifying the renewable energy systems required to offset estimated usage of each townhouse. Through this analysis, HIP V. HYPE provided Development Victoria with a sound understanding of the steps required for LUMA to achieve a net-zero operational outcome.


Development Victoria


Sustainable Design, Strategy & Implementation


Development Victoria


Having both Gilmour Road wetland and Stony Creek in close proximity presented the opportunity to integrate and support these important natural resources. Significant water sensitive urban design solutions will deliver effective stormwater management, integrate with natural water flows, increase habitat, and provide recreational and aesthetic value to residents.

– Sustainability Strategy Guided by One Planet Living Principles

– Sustainability Management Plan for Town Planning (Stage 1 & 2)

– Precinct Scale Sustainable Energy Scoping Study

– Average 4 KWp Rooftop PV System per Dwelling

– 90% of Construction Waste Diverted From Landfill

– Reduction of Urban Heat Island Effect by Specifying Light Colours on Rooftops