The Alpine Shire Council commissioned a business case feasibility assessment of tourism activation concepts for Mount Buffalo. Mount Buffalo has the potential to become an exemplar in sustainable design, innovation and renewable energy solutions for regional Victoria and Australia.




Zero Carbon, Climate Change & Resilience


Mount Buffalo, VIC


Courtesy of Visit Bright


In collaboration with PwC, HIP V. HYPE explored the potential for Mount Buffalo to be serviced entirely using locally generated, sustainable energy. We created an integrated off-grid renewable energy solution to support the mountain’s sustainable future.

The Alternative Energy Solutions report provide input to the Mount Buffalo Business Case Assessment and Activation. This has been released publicly and received significant interest from local communities and the media.

  • Energy demand modelling
  • Technology options analysis
  • Best practice case studies
  • Explored 3 case studies demonstrating global best practice in sustainable energy solutions in alpine regions
  • Developed 3 alternative energy servicing solutions ranked by technical feasibility and high-level cost analysis