Nightingale Village is a further evolution of the Nightingale Model. It is the result of collaboration between six architects and a supporting collective of experts across urban design, planning, development management and sustainability. 

The Village will deliver six multi-residential buildings with community and commercial spaces, along with public spaces between the buildings for people and plant life to flourish. 


Nightingale Housing


Climate Strategies & Plans


Brunswick, VIC


HIP V. HYPE Sustainability was engaged by the project to develop a Sustainability Strategy for the Village Masterplan. The Strategy drove a coordinated approach to sustainability across the entire Nightingale Village precinct. While individual buildings resolved the detail of many aspects of sustainability within their specific context, the Strategy provided an integrated approach with shared services and measures implemented across the precinct. 

The Masterplan Sustainability Strategy covers 6 areas of focus:

  • Water
  • Materials
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Ecology and Urban Heat Management

Our advice also covered the integration of sustainability within all stages of the Urban Coup building, including:

  • Sustainability opportunities workshop and tracking sheet
  • Thermal performance assessment to optimise passive design
  • Daylight modelling
  • Solar panel and rainwater system sizing

Key measures:

  • Fossil fuel free precinct sourcing 100% of off-site energy from certified renewable sources via an embedded network.
  • Cost effective design that provides a sustainable outcome, avoiding over engineering providing for simple maintenance over time.
  • Minimum 7.5 NatHERS rating
  • High quality, easily accessed bike parking
  • Maintain comfortable temperatures passively, using little or no energy, providing comfortable living spaces year-round.
  • Low running costs through low resource consumption and shared services