In 2017 Yarra City Council became one of the first governments in the world to declare a Climate Emergency. Their 2020 Climate Emergency Plan provides a pathway to increase the speed, urgency and action in response to the climate crisis. It includes an ambitious objective to achieve zero-net emissions across the entire municipality by 2030, acknowledging that a step change is needed in the speed of de-carbonisation to reduce community emissions.


Yarra City Council


Program Design, Implementation & Evaluation


Melbourne, VIC


Courtesy of Yarra City Council


HIP V. HYPE was commissioned to review the current approaches to reduce community carbon emissions in the City of Yarra, identify current best practice, and recommend a delivery model that is most likely to achieve significant carbon emission reductions to support the Climate Emergency Plan goal of zero net emissions for the community by 2030.

  • A best practice review including desktop analysis and industry consultation

  • Summarise potential delivery models for Council to facilitate community emissions reductions

  • Developed an analysis framework to test potential delivery models

  • Set out specific recommendations and advice for Council on the selected delivery model, including partnerships, governance arrangements and funding levels