The Sustainable Building Policy for council-owned buildings provide Warrnambool City Council with the opportunity to show leadership in sustainability and achieve targets set in the Green Warrnambool Plan. Council will use this Policy and Implementation Framework for new builds, retrofits and asset management.


Warrnambool City Council


Sustainable Planning & Policy


Warrnambool, VIC


HIP V. HYPE Sustainability was engaged to review early work undertaken and manage a process to realise an ambitious yet pragmatic policy and its implementation pathway. The Sustainable Building Policy and Implementation Framework provides a clear pathway for Council to meet the ambitious target set out in the Green Warrnambool Plan including zero net greenhouse gas emissions from Council operations by 2026.

The policy and implementation pathway were developed through 3 phases:

The policy and implementation pathway were developed through 3 phases:

1. Review: Evaluate/ Examine existing sustainability through document review and stakeholder workshop.

2. Policy Development: Provide strategic justification for the development of the policy

3.Implementation Pathways: Develop frameworks for implementation that are fit for purpose and context for each of the three defined pathways (new builds, retrofits, facilities management).

The policy and implementation pathway will have the potential to ensure that sustainability is integrated early in the decision-making process when considering any new build, retrofit or maintenance program for council-owned buildings in the City of Warrnambool.