Bass Coast Shire joined a growing number of leading councils by declaring a climate emergency in September 2019. The declaration was made in response to a community petition signed by over 1,000 community members, representing nearly 3% of the permanent population and is a clear indication that there is a strong and engaged local community ready to ramp up action on climate change.

The Climate Change Action Plan is currently in draft stage.


Bass Coast Shire Council


Action Plan


Bass Coast Shire




Linsey Rendell


With an ambitious community the Plan is expected to deliver a pathway to enable both Council and the Community to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.

  • Delivered extensive community engagement processes to support the whole of council approach to the Plan
  • Supported the development of emissions profiles for Council and community
  • Developed mitigation and adaptation action that were prioritised based on their impact

Through the development of this Action Plan, the Shire intends to accelerate action in its own operations and in partnership with the community. Critically, the Plan must provide a pathway to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030.