Glen Eira Council recently adopted ‘Our Climate Emergency Response Strategy 2021-2025 (Dhumbali Wurrungi-biik Parbin-ata), a strategy developed with HIP V. HYPE in 2021 to set out an adaptation and mitigation response to climate change.

The broader consultant team, led by UrbanFold and Echelon Planning, utilised our analysis to inform content development for the Structure Plan. Our analysis also provided a practical application of the Climate Emergency Response Strategy to guide long-term decisions about future development on private and public property.


Glen Eira City Council


Sustainable Precincts


Melbourne, VIC


Echelon Planning


The Caulfield Precinct Structure Plan provided an opportunity to link this Strategy with place-based implementation. HIP V. HYPE undertook a review and analysis of potential sustainability actions that could be practically delivered, progressed or demonstrated through the scope of influence of the Structure Plan. The analysis included potential implementation mechanism types and opportunities prioritisation.

  • Assessment of the best available scientific evidence to relate the value of green infrastructure elements to a range of ecosystem services, including biodiversity, urban heat reduction and place value
  • Engagement with existing tool owners and users to understand potential integration opportunities and maximise the user experience
  • Development of a web based user interface and testing of the Tool with our networks of industry professionals to maximise relevance and usability
  • Development of Sustainability Opportunities Report with recommendations to inform Structure Plan content