East of Aberline (EoA) is a proposed residential precinct on the outskirts of Warrnambool, 250 km west of Melbourne. As a signatory to the newly developed Sustainable Subdivisions Framework, and with local strategies such as Green Warrnambool highlighting the delivery of a low carbon precinct - Council and other stakeholders are committed to the precinct being both low carbon and climate resilient.


Warrnambool City Council


Sustainable Planning


Warrnambool City Council.


HIP V. HYPE was engaged by Warrnambool City Council to refine and guide the selection process for a mechanisms to be included in the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) that would deliver upon this ambition.

The final report identifies a suite of mechanisms to be incorporated into the PSP that will help to deliver a zero net carbon and climate resilient precinct for the 360 hectare / 4,000 lot site - coupled with a detailed implementation plan to guide its delivery.

  • Conduct a desktop review of existing strategic documents and local policy, and undertake preliminary stakeholder engagement interviews
  • Develop a carbon model of the precinct to measure the carbon reductions against a ‘business as usual’ baseline
  • Deliver a report and engagement outlining and testing mechanisms which are proposed to be incorporated into the Precinct Structure Plan