In the face of a changing climate, the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) has a unique opportunity to respond to this challenge and future proof business practice, all while maintaining a crucial role in supporting Victorian communities through loss.

Building upon GMCT's Sustainable Strategy and Action Plan, HIP V. HYPE was engaged to develop an Environmental Sustainability Policy to provide day-to-day guidance on practical delivery of the organisation’s sustainability agenda.


Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust


Sustainable Planning & Policy


Melbourne, VIC


Courtesy of GMCT


Working through three project stages, HIP V. HYPE sought to acquire a detailed understanding of the Policy context and drivers as part of the initial stage. Stage 2 included broader consultation with staff across the organisation to understand current practice. Our final stage focused on developing, testing and refining the policy prior to endorsement by the GMCT executive team.

  • Review internal policies, strategies and tools
  • Undertake benchmarking against a variety of external policies & standards
  • Facilitate staff engagement to better understand current practice, explore opportunities & constraints, and test targets & requirements
  • Develop an Environmental Sustainability Policy, including detailed policy statement, requirements, roles & responsibilities and monitoring & review
  • Environmental Sustainability Policy