Climate impacts, stemming from the interplay of climate hazards, exposure and vulnerability, pose risks to Council services, assets and the broader community. HIP V. HYPE undertook a comprehensive climate risk assessment for Inner West Council in Sydney, aligning with the guidelines of the Climate Risk Ready NSW Guide.


Victorian Planning Authority


Sustainable Precincts


Bendigo, VIC


Bendigo City Council 


Following this analysis and a risk rating of impacts on Council services, we prioritised a set of immediate and short-term responses. The project involved extensive collaboration, engaging Council staff and community stakeholders through a series of targeted workshops and meetings facilitated by HIP V. HYPE.

This inclusive approach will empower Council and the Inner West community to implement effective measures in response to climate impacts. Strengthening resilience against a changing climate enables Council to allocate resources strategically and boost adaptive capacity and respond to challenges over time.

  • Detailed review of Council's key policies, procedures, strategies and service areas
  • Workshop facilitation with Council staff and community stakeholders to test outcomes and prioritise directions
  • Climate Risk Assessment Report including a list of prioritised adaptation and resilience responses
  • Detailed Climate Risk Report outlining prioritised immediate and short-term responses for key impacts to Council areas and community