Melton East is located 35km north-west of Melbourne’s CBD, to the east of the existing Melton township. To assist with the preparation of the Melton East Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) engaged HIP V. HYPE to undertake a Climate Resilience Assessment for the precinct.


Victorian Planning Authority


Melton East, VIC


Stage 1 of a longer term project, the Assessment examined historical weather impacts and the expected climate hazards across four climate scenarios (2050 & 2070 and RCP 4.5 & 8.5). With this as a foundation, HIP V. HYPE produced a Climate Risk Assessment, using the 5-Capitals framework to ensure a holistic climate adaptation approach.

Our findings were tested with multiple stakeholders within the VPA and key delivery partners including Melbourne Water, Greater Western Water and Melton City Council. The Climate Resilience Assessment will inform the development of the Precinct Structure Plan through a co-design process in Stage 2.

  • Policy and technical document review
  • Review of historical weather impacts
  • Identify expected climate hazards and impacts for 2050/2070 RCP 4.5 & RCP 8.5
  • Climate Risk & Resilence Assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Foundational technical basis for decision making as part of the Structure Plan process
  • Detailed action plan to embed resilience into the future community design