The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is responsible for the ACT Government’s development of a variety of land holdings, delivering a range of innovative, sustainable developments across the region through its Built Form program.


Suburban Land Agency


Program Design, Implementation & Evaluation


Canberra, ACT


Monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes of SLA’s work is critical to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of projects and to demonstrate value to Government and community.

SLA engaged HIP V. HYPE to develop a Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, comprising environmental, social, financial and governance indicators, metrics and measures of success.

The framework provides a consistent method for the monitoring and evaluation of SLA projects across the project lifecycle, capturing learnings for ongoing improvement and a summary that supports external communication of SLA's impactful work.

  • Background review of policy and strategy documents and internal & external frameworks
  • Creation and testing of Framework structure and content, including indicators and measures of success
  • Application to and evaluation of a test site, and refinement of the Framework
  • Creation of a Monitoring & Evaluation Framework and supporting templates