The integration of sustainability into Council assets has historically largely focused on buildings. While such efforts have commonly been supported by ESD policies for Council buildings, there is a shift to the inclusion of a wider range of asset types and the consideration of climate resilience as a core sustainability response.


City of Melbourne


Melbourne, VIC


HIP V. HYPE was engaged to undertake a gaps and opportunities assessment of current practice for integrating sustainability and climate resilience in asset delivery.

The review and stakeholder engagement activities highlighted areas for improvement, with the City of Melbourne prioritising the review and collation of evidence-based guidance materials and information. Outputs including a Project Management Template, Climate Risk Reports and Design Guidance Document were developed as a fit-for-context solution.

These resources will inform how Council assets are designed to be sustainable and respond to climate risk in whole of lifecycle asset management.

  • Review internal policies, strategies and tools, and assess several past asset projects
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement including an online survey, targeted interviews and group sessions
  • Undertake benchmarking against a variety of external policies, guidelines, tools and standards
  • Collate climate risk information and design guidance
  • Undertake a needs analysis / user journey
  • Develop project management and design guidance resources