A Collective enabled by HIP V. HYPE is a workspace for like-minded design-led professionals seeking to generate projects, create products and provide services defined by substance, genuine interaction and meaning.

Collective members are united by a simple aim — to create better products, services and buildings for the future city we deserve. This shared aim enables Collective Members to engage effectively and foster a culture of collaboration + learning + mutual success.

Embedded in the core beliefs of a collective are; the power of a collaborative, design-led approach and the potential of smart, passionate people who are driven to achieve.

A Collective enabled by HIP V. HYPE provides a unique value proposition, attracting a stable, high-quality membership base with low churn. The stability in membership base allows Collective Members to form genuine bonds and develop a sense of community within the Collective.


Collective Exchange takes inspiration from the work and interests of Collective Members, to host a series of monthly Talks + Tours + Tasks + the occasional Trip.

Our focus is on fostering learning and collaboration between Our People and our broader networks. This focus on interdisciplinary exchange is designed to break down boundaries that exist between our varying industries, disciplines and professions in an attempt to broaden our view, increase our understanding and sharpen our collective effectiveness in this wide world we inhabit.

We believe that this approach, along with the personal and professional relationships that develop, will be integral to realising our aim of creating the sustainable future city we deserve...!

Learn more about Collective Exchange by reading the 2018 line up HERE.


Hip – Can't be faked
Hype – Don't believe it